A letter from Gary Suppe, owner of Little America Organic Orchard:

So what does CERTIFIED ORGANIC mean for you?

People who seek good, authentic products that not only put food into your stomach but also nourishes your entire overall well-being are those to whom this is important.

Various markets may claim their produce is organic but it may not actually be CERTIFIED organic. That is, they have not been USDA inspected, tested and certified. Know for sure!

Also, another benefit of buying and eating certified organic is that you are supporting a local, healthy economy.
Do we really know how the fuits and vegetables in the markets are grown, what pesticides are used or that much of this produce is actualy imported from foreign countries where they use harmful pesticides?

Today with the increasingly high cost of health care do we really want to eat pesticides and dangerous chemicals?
Please look at it this way, that it is better to eat certified organic fruits and vegetables than to ingest chemicals that in time affect the body in so many different ways (cancers and other diseases) causing sickness, doctor visits and medications.

Many companies are in the business of increasing the cosmetic quality of food to make it look perfect. New technology chemicals, genetically modified produce, and synthetic fertilizers can affect and may poison our land and our bodies.

At Little America Organic Orchard we bring you certified organic fruit of only the highest standard and quality.


Farmers’ Market

Visiting Utah? New in town? Looking to try something different?
Look for Little America Organic Orchard produce at various local Farmers’ Markets as well at at your local retail grocers. Be sure to stop by the Farmers’ market starting in July. All of our products will be showcased for your enjoyment.


Looking to place an order?

We will have a continual harvest from July 2011 to November 2011. Order now for July’s harvest! Visit the Contact Us page to learn how.